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From any point of view, Alnwick with Denwick is undoubtedly a heritage focal point. In fact, heritage is a major part of the area’s unique selling point. As the only Ducal town in the region and traditionally the County town of Northumberland, the area is of huge heritage importance in both the County and Region.

A unique combination of heritage features still remain from the area’s Saxon, medieval, post-medieval, Victorian and 19th century past. In cultural terms this heritage and the buildings associated with it are the venues and backdrops to cultural events such as International Music Festival, Food Festival, Heritage Open Days and Northumbrian Gathering. The town is also fortunate in having the Playhouse, Bailiffgate Museum, a dedicated Town Crier and historic leisure transport (open-topped vintage tour buses and heritage railway).

Objectives to be achieved:


Heritage issues and options are:

The town and village in the landscape:
Prepare a comprehensive visual appraisal of the quality of the historic landscape setting to guide future development.

Main roads as recognisable gateways into Alnwick and Denwick:
Explore ways of improving the ‘gateway’ qualities of main roads into the town and village

Boundary of conservation areas:
Review the boundary of Alnwick’s conservation area and investigate a new conservation area at Denwick.

Threatened historic assets:
Prepare plans to rescue threatened historic buildings and survey the area for other buildings that warrant protection.

New build in the historic town and village:
Prepare policies and design guides to help new development fit into the historic environment.

Erosion of townscape character by incremental changes to building fabric:
Consider additional planning controls to protect important detailed features in the conservation area.

Townscape character threatened by street clutter and poor floorscape treatment:
Prepare schemes to remove clutter and to upgrade the design and condition of road and pavement surfaces.

Threatened trees inside and outside the conservation area:
Assess the condition of important trees in the area and plan further protection, care or replacement, adding more street trees as enhancement.

Vital historic spaces:
Prepare schemes to increase the use and decoration of quality urban spaces, particularly Alnwick Market Place.

Legibility and understanding of the townscape of town and village:
Improve the signage to better reflect the needs of users and prepare a comprehensive interpretation strategy to assist the better presentation and branding of the area.

Enhancement of historic town, village and landscape:
Encourage better maintenance of private properties through information and grant aid; prepare plans for a comprehensive upgrading of important parts of the conservation area.

A comprehensive vision for a coherent, legible and sustainable townscape:
To encourage an overall approach to be taken to the protection and enhancement of the historic centre, explore making Alnwick town centre an official ‘Historic Core Zone’.


Culture issues and options are:
Specialised cultural buildings

Need to maintain steady and continuous funding:
Seek comprehensive support for more sponsorship, improved fund-raising skills as well as revenue earning capacity.

Better accessibility to the attractions:
Seek to improve transport links to venues and to improve the quality of local broadband to increase ‘intellectual’ access.

Poor condition and limited facilities:
Encourage the improvement and repair of our major bookable buildings, several of which are in poor condition and have facilities below standard.

Cultural spaces and major cultural events

Managing Demand for more events using our limited cultural space:
Encourage increased use of urban spaces and surrounding buildings for more festivals and increased use at weekends, in winter and in the evenings.

Other general cultural issues

Need to promote the cultural offer of the town and village in its entirety:
Promote the improvement of signage from the A1 and branding and encourage more co-operation between attractions.

Development of creative industries in Alnwick and Denwick:
Assess the nature and quantity of the area’s creative industries and explore means of developing them.

Our ‘Way of Life’ could be better explained and promoted:
Seek to better define the distinctiveness of our history and ‘way of life’ with a view to its better development and promotion.

Shortage of cultural facilities:
Identify any cultural needs not yet served by present facilities and identify what future provision should be made to accommodate them.

Finally, heritage and cultural issues and options will be developed into recommended Proposals and Policies, as well as potential land allocations, to be incorporated into the plan to enhance the daily environment and the cultural lives of the communities of Alnwick and Denwick.



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Evidence Base available to draw on
Key Issues – emerging already
Areas of potential overlap with other topic areas
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Factors constraining options



Evidence Base available to draw on
Key Issues – emerging already
Background Papers
Areas of potential overlap with other topic areas
link to feedback page
Factors constraining options
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