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What Community Facilities are in scope?


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Alnwick already has a diverse range of activities and support services which are provided by a large number of organisations in the Alnwick & Denwick areas.

The objective for the Neighbourhood Plan is that:
By 2025 the people of Alnwick and Denwick will have access to high quality community facilities that are fit for purpose and have the capacity required to maintain and improve a vibrant, inclusive and healthy society.

The plan aims to achieve this by supporting the development of community activity, ensuring community buildings meet future demands by looking at better use of redundant / underused buildings to provide some of these facilities and improved communication between individuals, businesses and groups.

In order to be successful the plan needs to support the people of Alnwick and Denwick by keeping them informed and encouraging them to get involved in decision making.

Information, advice & support

Issue: Services are based in a number of different locations within Alnwick. There is potential to benefit from joined up working and easier access to sites by integrating services. Some of the buildings used to house these services are below the standard that would be expected for a public building.

The plan needs to ensure we provide the services that people need, in accessible locations and in fit-for-purpose buildings.
Community buildings

Issue: The quality of some community buildings is poor in terms of physical accessibility, energy efficiency, comfort and general repair and maintenance.

The plan should support the improvement of community buildings and ensure capacity will meet future demand. There is also potential to use redundant buildings to provide facilities.
Services for young people

Issue: A lack of facilities for young people in Alnwick leading to problems at hotspots such as the bus station. Alnwick offers a range of targeted youth provision, including, advice and information, drop in sessions, supported housing and floating support, development work and group work.

We need to continue and improve the provision of youth work and provision of facilities for young people.
The Plan should identify a location for the provision of facilities for young people to get together without causing concern for residents and visitors. Facilities could include seating, shelter, lighting and open wifi access.
Services for older people

Issue: A diverse range of activities and support services to the elderly are provided by a large number of organisations in the Alnwick & Denwick areas.

The plan needs to support the continued provision of facilities for older people.
Public toilets

Issue: Public toilets have been highlighted as being of very poor quality. The lack of public toilets near to the bus station is an issue for people arriving / departing Alnwick by bus.

The plan should propose improved provision and quality of toilet facilities for public use.
Community communication & awareness

Issue: Issues were raised at the community consultation events that it was not easy to find out what is going on in Alnwick and surrounding areas.

We need to improve communication to ensure individuals, businesses and groups have a better understanding of what is happening in the area for example by setting up a community information website.



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