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the plan

The Plan

What is it?

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What will it do?

How is it done?

how the plan works

Are there any restrictions?

What area will it cover?

The Plan will cover all of Alnwick and Denwick Parishes. This is because much of the southern parts of Alnwick town including all of Lionheart Industrial Estate and surrounding development is already located within an area of Denwick Parish called Denwick Detached.

This area on the SE side of the town is also one of the areas where there is potential for further development. For example the proposed New High School site is located within Denwick Parish.

So although the plan will concentrate on issues facing the town it made sense to include the wider area. See map below:

parish map


What is the intended timetable for the Plan?

We hope to stick to the following broad timetable however as most of those involved in the plan are volunteers all with day jobs and busy lives it will be challenging. To assist with this, Alnwick Town Council made a successful early bid to the Government to become a national “Front Runner”. This means that Alnwick is now getting more help, advice and support in preparing the neighbourhood plan from the County Council which should help us to stay on track.

The Town Council would like to get to the point where we submit the plan to the County Council for its final stages before the local elections in May 2013 when the Council is up for re-election.

Project Timescale v3

Plan Activity


Initial exploratory workshop, establish plan steering group and stakeholder group, draft terms of reference and remit for the steering group. Frontrunner bidding process.

April — July 2011

Initial tasks:
Scope the project, Prepare project timescale, Agree terms of reference.

August — October 2011

Early engagement identifying issues,
Evidence base gathering,
Research into issues and options.

November 2011 — April 2012

Preparation of Issues and Options consultation document

May — October 2012

Consultation period for Issues and Options

December 2012 — February 2013

Collate and analyse consultation responses and prepare consultation report

March — April 2013

Prepare a draft neighbourhood plan

May to December 2013

Consultation period for draft plan

March to April 2014

Collate and analyse consultation responses and prepare consultation report

April/May 2014

Prepare final draft neighbourhood plan for submission to Northumberland County Council

June/July 2014

Period for NCC to publicise the submitted neighbourhood plan

August/September 2014


October 2014


December 2014


December 2014


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Meetings of the Steering Group:

Now that the Plan has been submitted for examination, the Steering Group will not be meeting regularly.


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