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Who’s Who on the Steering Group:

Bill Grisdale
- Alnwick Town Mayor – Chairman

Sue Patience
– Community Engagement Sub Group Lead and Gallery Youth

Rachael Roberts
– Alnwick Environmental Groups

David Lovie
- Alnwick Civic Society

Colin Barnes
– Northumberland Estates

Philip Angier
– Alnwick Local Living and Alnwick Chamber of Trade

Martin Murphy
– Transport

Roy Todd
– Education

Clive Mattison
– Alnwick Freemen

Gordon Castle
– Northumberland County Council

Richard Green
– Denwick Parish Council Chairman

Officers Advising:

Bill Batey
- Chief Officer and Town Clerk – Alnwick Town Council

Peter Biggers
- Plan Coordinator

David English, Peter Rutherford and Kevin Bartlett
– Northumberland County Council

About Us

Alnwick Town Council – in consultation with Denwick Parish Council – is responsible for decisions on the Neighbourhood Plan.

To help deliver the plan effectively the Town Council has charged the already established Alnwick Community Partnership to act as the main discussion forum for all matters relating to the plan. The Community Partnership is open to anyone who wishes to join particularly if you represent a group of organisation active in the plan area.

The minutes of the Community Partnership meetings can be found here.

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Alnwick and Denwick Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

A smaller steering group from the wider partnership has been formed to help lead on the day to day management of the Neighbourhood Plan for Alnwick and Denwick. The Steering Group aims to work with the community to develop a plan which will deliver the development which will help ensure the long term sustainable future for the area. The Steering group is supported by a project team, of topic leads to develop the Neighbourhood Plan over the coming months.

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The terms of reference for the steering group can be found here.

The minutes of Steering Group meetings can be found here.

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Meetings of the Steering Group:

Now that the Plan has been submitted for examination, the Steering Group will not be meeting regularly.


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